World Class BDSM & Fetish Venue Stockholm

Welcome to PainLab!

Painlab is a new Stockholm scene venue, purely none profit driven.

This is an adult party with sane people doing insane stuff in a safe way.

The venue offers industry feel space with high roof.

This is a permanent venue and will be available to the end of 2020.
Each event will have room for forty to fifty people, a limited number of tickets for our friends  and their friends.

PainLab is home to practicing artists.

When it's not our studio, it's our living room.

So please remember that your are invited to our “home” and not just to any rented space.

The parties have minimum black or fetish dress code. 

You have to be on the guest list to come, sign up here at

You will receive the address and ticket ID/number when You get your confirmation. To get in you will need your ticket number and ID.

Bought tickets are personal and can only be traded after all other tickets have been sold.

All trades of ticket goes through us. No refunds.

Please let us know in time if you can´t make it so someone else can come in your place.

Wednesdays we are charging only 100 kronor cash only, for soft drinks/snacks. Saturdays odd weeks only 200 kronor. Payment is 200 kronor at the door. You have to be at least 18 years old. You have to contact us to get on the guest list at least 24 hours before the doors open. This is a closed party.


Nuts and peanuts are not allowed in the premises or on your person, no strong scents like strong perfume or cologne.


Parking should work fine in the area during weekend evenings, but no guaranties. There is no free parking on the public street Use the parking app.


There is a dedicated area to change.
The wardrobe is run by volunteers so we do not guarantee if something is lost.


There is an elevator, please make sure the door closes after you.


Please respect our privacy and be quiet and  keep a low profile while entering and exiting this venue.


We do not sell anything. We practice beverages wardrobe. So please bring anything you want to drink and we store it for you.


There is no smoking allowed on the bridge/veranda because the clean air intake for the whole building is located there.

Smoking should be done outside on the parking.


We open the doors at 19:00 Wednesdays and 9 PM Saturdays (open only every odd week), last chance to enter is at 22:00, we will continue until 12 PM Wednesdays and 2 AM Saturdays.


- Neighbours and Noise / Sound level

Respect our neighbouring studios and make sure Your sessions sound/noise level or sub is to loud. Use duct tape, gag or just tell them to keep quiet.


Respect persons, personal space, relationships and sessions.


If you are unsure about anything or want to play (remember rule nr 1)


Negotiation is the basis of any scene. Safe-list is good to have as well. 


Yellow- Means slow down or do something else

Red- Definite Stop

We practice RACK Risk Aware Consensual Kink

- Do not talk close to or get close to people in a session or landing phase.

Do not hog a person in a landing all evening, ASK clearly about the session and the landing in the negotiation before any play.

- A lock indicates the person is owned and the owner is the one that you should direct questions to if any.

- A "No" is always a No.

Whatever happens at the event stays at the event.

There are no dungeon monitors but organizers have eyes and ears and will act if needed.

If you have any concerns for someones well-being or there is a risk don´t disturb the session please find one of the organizers instead.


- Do not interfere in peoples play space or landing space.

- The landing room is for landing only, not anything else.

- If an area is totally or almost closed of respect that it's a private session

- If an area is half closed You are invited to watch from the entrance of that space.

- If  an area is open You are allowed to get in to that space, but keep Your distance and don't disturb the session.

We don´t provide cuffs or toys, please bring your own.